Specialized services!  

Specialized services 

 We know that being a parent is a full-time job - and sometimes, just like in a 9-to-5 job, you need some additional support, some days off and a bit of additional assistance to make the job easier. 
We provide a variety of specialized services to help support you when you need help, try winning strategies, so you can re-center yourself and transform your family environment with our Nannyogi specialized boxes.

Our Nannyogi specialized boxes to your door: 3 options available
Please note that they will be available soon**

We can also guide you to our partner for 1-1 nanny service for your temporary or short term needs to give you the opportunity to take that break, with the comfort to know that your  children are in safe hands.

Cognicorp +'s Nannyogi team is composed of educators,  ABA Consultants (Applied Behavioral Analysis) and Personal Development Coach.
You will get a chance to meet the team soon! Service available soon!

Option #1
$ 25$
Nannyogi fun educational tool box
service to your door in a box

Winner Plan
$ 40$
(Français) BOITE Nannyogi pleine conscience

service to your door in a box
Relax, Release
option #3
$ 35
(Français) Nannyogi ABA for special needsNannyogi Boite pour besoins particuliers

service to your door in a box