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We are Cognicorp+™, a new brand of educational games and services to stimulate brain power and memory. All while  improving  literacy and math in children, by making homework time into ‘happy and game time.’
We want to encourage kids to work on their spelling, math, verbalization and logical thinking and problem solving skills without even knowing it.  bursts of laughter are also garanteed!

Our Games :
We have proudly launched our first game Alpha Boost, and are busily working on developing more in both physical and mobile app games to stimulate brain power and memory. We use educational technology to transform learning in fun time worldwide!
Featured to  ''Dragon Den''  in Quebec version: ‘’Dans l’oeil du Dragon’’, this game combines math and spelling skills in a fun group card game for children and older people. Draw kids into the code-cracking secret world of Cognicorp+™, inspired by games like Scrabble which use spelling but we add  math, alphanumerical values together in tactical ways. Alpha Boost is ideal for 6 years and older.
Pull on your safari suits! We’re visiting the wild animals of Alpha zoo with this fun game for kids from 6 years and older! Kids learn about the animal kingdom while sharpening their science, maths and vocabulary skills. Pre-order now.

Presale Deal:
Pre-order a copy of the AlphaZoo game card, and get up to  20% off rebate coupon available after subscription!

Free downloads :Get your kids creating and learning at the same time, with our range of fun free downloads and stickers. Check them out here!


Alpha Boost Demo
Specialized services
Join Cognicorp+™ educational cause
We work with partners from different non profit organizations  NPO’s who serve students from low income environment who lack in school resources because of inadequate funding. Contact us to donate games or to sponsor one organizations dedicated to making education accessible to all men and women


Welcome to
 Cognicorp+™ Code-Cracking secret world!  My name is Emmanuella Michel, TedX speaker, Hive Global leader, Women entrepreneur Google grant recipient, and Founder of Cognicorp+ educational games and services.  I want to personally welcome you to 

OUR Cognicorp+™ STORY:

For many years,  teachers, educators, parents and caregivers are faced with daily challenges when it comes to getting  suitable materials or financial resources to support their children, students or client's education with the lack of available resources in the school system.  What if we dealt with the challenges differently? Let's transform learning into fun time and cut the cost ? Studies show that there are many benefits of children playing games, such as  improving their fine motor skills, logic and reasoning skills, boosting spatial awareness, verbal communication skills and the ability to focus for a longer length of time.  My Solution is Cognicorp+™ alphanumerical educational games and services as an alternative to the problem.

For the past decade, I have developed an expertise in working with children, young adults and families. I  have been developing customized  programs, tools  as well as offering coaching support to  mainstream and kids  and young adults in need of specialized services (because of their oppositional defiant disorder, TGC, attention deficit  with or without hyperactivity,  mental health, and they are in the autism spectrum) as well as offer support and assistance to  academic institution, Health and Social services providers, and community organizations in achieving their mission. 

 ‘' Join us in achieving our  purpose to improve education and  literacy rate...One child at a time in Canada and around the world''. 

I truly encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter today and enjoy the Cognicorp™ adventure. You will have access to  educational tools and  strategies as well as learn about our specialized services for children and family. Welcome to the big league!

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