About Us  

Are you looking for an innovative educational technological tool?

Cognicorp+™ Games and Products
Cognicorp™ is a new brand of alphanumeric educational games and products to stimulate brain power and memory. Kids from 6 years and older will develop a coded language that fits their developmental stage!

We aim to inspire kids to have fun while practicing the skills they need to master their learning. We want to reduce anxiety and stress associated with learning by giving kids an opportunity to get hands-on with spelling and math in a safe and fun environment. 

We believe that is possible to transform learning into fun time by making practicing math, spelling, and logical thinking fun and accessible. Our approach is inspired by Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence's theory, where we work on, and celebrate all kinds of intelligence, for all ages and all abilities. We believe that,  "each and every one of us has the potential to raise awareness about our inner strengths with the right tools and environment."

Our core focus is on physical and mobile educational games because we believe that the skills they teach are important from socialization skills to cognitive skills.

The Brain behind the brand!

Emmanuella Michel, MSC

For more than a decade, Emmanuella Michel, Tedx speaker, Hive Global leader, Woman entrepreneur Google grant recipient, and Coach and consultant has developed an expertise in working with children, young people facing developmental challenges 
Having obtained a Master's degree in Social Administration, as well as a Bachelor of Science  from the University of Montreal. Ms. Michel has held a number of Community Service and Management positions. She has directed a group residence  in partnership with the Ministry of Health and Social Services, as well as Readaptation Centers, where she has contributed to the committee of Quality and Risk Management for CIUSS West of the island in Montreal.
In addition, her works with Aboriginal communities (Cree and Inuit) and her experience inspired her to continue her mission of supporting children and families.