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About our mission

About our mission
Cognicorp+  Alphanumeric Educational Games and Products is a brand born in  Canada who's mission is to be the reference when it come to cognitive development.  Our educational games aim to inspire kids to have fun while getting hands-on with skills needed to master their learning, to reduce anxiety and stress associated with learning from the age of 6 years old in Canada and internationally. Founder Emmanuella Michel was inspired by her work for over a decade with children with cognitive developmental challenges to design series of educational games to stimulate brain power and memory.
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Alpha Boost card games

Our  game is AlphaBoost was featured to the Dragons on ‘’ Dans l’oeil du Dragon’’, the french version of ''Shark tank''. The game combines maths and spelling in a fun group card game for kids aged 6+. Draw kids into the code-cracking AlphaBoost world where they work on their spelling, maths, verbalization and logic skills - without even knowing it!  

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