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For Kids and Youth in regular school program

 Cognicorp+ tools puts students one step ahead their future!
Cognicorp+ games will help you exceed academic expectations and decrease your anxiety in order to succeed in your studies and especially in verbalization, math, logical thinking and problem solving. No more '' I can't do this'' ,  I want to quit school!" ''I will never make it in high school or college!'' We have different tools to help your kids improve their competence  in their studies by maximizing their full potential, increasing their self-esteem from elementary with our educational games to high school with our games and assessment tools .   You might want to look for an assessment questionnaire!  We have a personality assessment to help guide youth in the right direction. They are eligible to take the questionnaire if they are 16 years and older. It’s called the PeopleMap Questionnaire created by psychologist Dr. Lilibridge Ph.D. and his team, designed to help students discover their inborn strengths, but also their Achilles’ heel. With over a 90% accuracy rate to help people discover their personality type, the PeopleMap Questionnaire puts students one step ahead their future.
What type say you? Are you a Leader, People, Free-Spirit or People type? 
Take the People Map personality Questionnaire created by Dr Lilibridge PHD and raise awareness about your inborn-strenghts and nurture your Achille's heel.Questionnaire + 30 min- all mobile for $79.99
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