Nannyogi is in a box?  

Our Nannyogi service comes in a box or in person

Many parents feel overwhelmed: on top of their own busy lives, parents struggle to help kids with their school work, spend quality time with their children, prepare a healthy supper, and meet the pressure they feel to help their kids perform at their peak.

Most parents think that there is always more they can do to help their children in their daily lives. Don't blame yourself for  the lack of time, call Nannyogi, our experienced specialists can send you  great tools to support you with our Nannyogi products in a box or we can also go in person to your home for extra support. We help children improve their learning while having fun,  and also implement strategies to transform you day to day challenges with  our products/home services :
Nannyogi educational tool box, Nannyogi mindfulness, and Nannyogi ABA Solutions box
All w
ith personalized products to counteract your children's  anxiety or behavioral challenges,  related to education or their special needs. Please note that this service will be available soon!  And we will offer ABA solutions  applied Behavioral analysis are offered according to the chosen Nannyogi service plan.

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